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Wish you were a better person?

Download our free character development worksheet.

What’s this all about?

There sure are a lot of apps and resources out there that will help you develop good habits. We think that's great. Habits are awesome.

But what good are perfect habits if you are a horrible human being?

We looked around and didn't really find a good system for developing character. So we decided to build one.

All of the content on this site is focused on supporting our character development worksheet, which you can download for free!

Every four weeks we do a deep dive in to a specific character trait. Check out our character trait content schedule here.

We also eat our own dogfood. So we'll publicly publish our trait worksheets as we work through the character traits on our list.

Join us in our quest to become better people.

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We publish new articles every week. Check back regularly for new content. Every 4 weeks we focus on a new character triat.

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Why You Should Develop Your Character

I want to tell you two stories that changed my life. Both of them are about swearing. Story One During gym class my freshman year in high school we were running around an outdoor field. For some reason, my friend John thought it would be funny to knock me down. I landed hard on my […]

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